Services Offered

Services Offered

At Balkerne Asset Management we are pleased to offer you a range of traditional yet innovative investment services.

The Balkerne Asset Management Bespoke Portfolio Service (BPS)

These services are designed specifically for clients who want to have a higher level of personal involvement in the decision making process as to how their portfolio is managed and the underlying assets held within their portfolio.  The portfolios are constructed following in-depth discussions between the client, their professional adviser and our Chief Investment Officer and provide a greater level of flexibility in regard to assets held and the financial objectives the client wishes to achieve in accordance with their attitude to investment risk.  Our Bespoke Portfolio Service offers investors the opportunity to hold a broader spread of investments, including those from within the Alternative Investment Market, AIM (where stocks can be illiquid, limited and high risk) and will typically be held by those who have a Higher Attitude to Risk along with the ability and capacity to mitigate against losses.

The Balkerne Asset Management Managed Stockbroking Service (MSS)

A discretionary investment portfolio which is professionally and actively managed in-house.  With a focus on UK blue-chip equities, high-quality collective investments, alternative investments and fixed-interest stocks, each portfolio is constructed and managed within the strict parameters of your client's personal risk profile and is designed to maximise tax efficiencies within current legislation.  The Managed Stockbroking Service features regular reporting and valuations which can be accessed online via our secure web-portal.

The Balkerne Asset Management Managed Fund Service (MFS)

A discretionary investment portfolio of collective funds, managed in-house.  We select unit trusts, investment trusts and OEICs to create a balanced portfolio to match your client's personal risk profile.  The Balkerne Asset Management Managed Fund Service constantly monitors and regularly reviews fund performance.  All Managed Fund Service portfolios feature regular reporting and valuations which can be accessed online via our secure web-portal.

The Balkerne Asset Management Individual Savings Account (ISA)

A highly tax-efficient investment, professionally and actively managed in-house on a discretionary basis.  With a range of risk levels to choose from, from lower to higher than medium risk, investments include UK blue-chip equities, collectives and fixed-interest stock, with international exposure as appropriate.  The Balkerne Asset Management ISA can be managed alongside a traditional stockbroking / fund portfolio with regular valuations which can also be accessed online via our secure web-portal.

The Balkerne Asset Management Alternative Investment Market Inheritance Tax (AIM IHT) Individual Savings Account (ISA)

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All our services have the option to take income, either as a fixed amount per month / quarter or as a variable amount per month / quarter dependent upon dividend and other income within the portfolio.

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